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Rev. Panakawe Pemarathane

Venerable Panakawe Saddharmakeerthi Sri Dheerananda Pemaratana Nayaka Thero,

The Buddhist Monk who initiated our children programme in Sri Lanka.

Message of Venerable Panakawe Saddharmakeerthi Sri Dheerananda Pemaratana Nayaka Thero
The Chief Incumbent and the Principal, justice of Peace for all Island
Deputy chief Sanghanayaka for Colombo Nawakoralaya and Nawathotamuna
Sudharmarama Maha Viharaya, Tambiligasmulla, Makola, Sri Lanka

Letter of Reverent

As a third world country, Sri Lanka has many families living with financial constraints in rural areas around the country. Due to their economical status even just providing the basic needs of the children's parents having difficulties to send their children to the school. In order to help some of the poor children of these families, attain a better future, Ravi and generous donors from Austria have established this project. Since then, we have opened the " Vienna-Sri Lanka Dhamma Educational Foundation for Children". Dr.Chandhana Batugedhara and Lawyer Ariyadasa Samarappulige both from Sri Lanka are providing their assistance and kind support to this project. I kindly invite you all to join us to expand this worthy project.