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Our Sponsors: List of our Sponsors
Our donors, who gave us a huge support as we were in need

We are gratefull for every donation. If you make a one off donation, you will be helping us to build up a fund which enables us to think of “extras” for the boys, such as sports articles, games, etc. Our main objective is a long term aid for this school project with the help of sponsors, who give € 20,- per month.
(See details below.)

In order to cover the childrens' expenses, including the hostel charges and to support additional children we need more sponsors to assist with a regular donation to ensure the funding and expansion of the project.

If you wish to assist, you may contact any of us with details regarding the amount you are willing to donate and the duration of your sponsorship.

Also, if you have friends or relatives who might be willing to support this initiative, please forward this information to them.

Please remit donations to this bank account:


Bank Austria Creditanstalt

Bank code:




52 211 000 777


To the favour of::

Ursula Novak-Natterer, Ravindra Rupasena





AT 96 1200 0522 1100 0777




[electronic = without blanks, for "Internet Banking", copy/paste]