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Lisa Natterer

That's me:

Born 1945 as single child; Hotel Training School, working in all departments of various hotels in Austria, Jersey/UK and Tessin/CH.
16 years travel agencies, 10 years publishing house, now retired.
Married to the same husband for more than 50 years,
daughter Uschi (married), who has made me the gift of 3 lovely grandchildren (*1993, 1996, 1999) .

My favourite occupation:

Reading, travelling, nearly 100 penpals all over the world, handicrafts, x-stitching, cooking, baking and picking up pebbles and stones.

My favourite destinations:

Sri Lanka (visited 7 times since 1980) but generally every place in the world, no matter if Engelstein/Waldviertel, Postalm/Salzburg or the desert of Africa, Australia, China).

My favourite music:

Dobrek Bistro, "land caper", etc.

My favourite food:

Rösti, vegetables, chocolate with at least 65% cocoa, Watalappan.

My motto:

"you are, what you think".

What I cannot stand:

Injustice, intolerance.

What really is important to me:

Family and friends.



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