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The Project

In 1292 Marco Polo reached Ceylon, as Sri Lanka was formerly called. He mentions Adams Peak and pearl fishing in his logbook: “On this island there is a high mountain, with wild ravines and precipices, the summit being so craggy that it can only be climbed with the help of iron chains fastened to the rock. It is said that the grave of our original father, Adam, is to be found, according to the Saracens. But idolaters are of the opinion that the grave contains the body of Sagamoniborcans (Buddha). This was the first man who invented idols and they venerate him as a Saint.” Then Marco Polo tells the famous story in which Gautama, as a young man abandoned the kingdom of his father and foreswore all earthly pleasures, to devote himself entirely to the study of religion and philosophy.

Private initiative of Lisa Natterer and Ravindra Rupasena to help Sri Lankan children suffering from the consequence of the Tsunami catastrophe of 26th December 2004

The Project

Several years have passed since the Tsunami disaster of 2004 struck in Sri Lanka, leaving many children orphans, requiring quick and efficient relief. With donations of approximately Euro 8000 we were able to initiate a project. As a first step we rented a house in Colombo for children from the district of Ampara. Please see the chapter "History".

Since the beginning of the poject in 2005, this has enabled 20 children to continue their education.

At the end of 2007, we moved 6 boys to the D.S. Senanayake National School Hostel at Ampara.

During the school vacation we were able to complete the renovation of the DS School boys hostel which gives board and lodging to 30 boys. At the same time we renovated the hostel kitchen which caters for more than 60 children.

As of 2008, six boys are at the DS school hostel and 2 boys and five girls are living with their guardians and receive financial support from us.


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