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Report 2016

Project in Ayagama (New)

Due to circumstances of 2015 we were able to accommodate additional children to the overall project scope for 2016.

Therefore we selected 6 underprivileged children from Ayagama, Rathnapura a village approximately 88 kilometres from Colombo. The children were students at a local Sunday school where the head monk was also conducting a similar project to that of VSEFC.

We have been assisting these six (6) children similar to that of other areas, for example paying for their school needs and extra tuition classes.

pdfRatnapura children1.11 MB

Project in Kelaniya (New)

We are happy to inform that we have begun helping four (4) underprivileged girls in Kelaniya, Colombo as of this year. They are being supported similar to that of other projects.

Project in Ampara

Rashmi was sitting for her GCE O/L examinations end of 2016.

Project in Divulapitiya

Hansika one of the 6 students from Divulapitiya had successfully passed her GCE O/L examinations and was sitting for her GCE A/L examinations end of 2016.

We have also begun helping another young orphan girl from the same area who is currently living with her grandmother. 

Additional Notes

We are happy to inform that as of today we are helping 16 underprivileged children in total with books & stationary, school uniforms and 2 extra tuition classes of which English Language is compulsory.

We would like to wholeheartedly  thank all our sponsors for their continued support and generosity and we hope that the current set of students will go on to achieve success both academically and in their lives with our continued support. 

You can also find new pictures in the gallery.